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Educating, Elevating, and Connecting the Bay Area Mobility Community

Our Mission

The Bay Area Mobility Management association (BAMM) supports global mobility professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area through education, networking and community outreach.

BAMM was established as a 501(c) non-profit in 2012, after BAPRM and WIPA (two specialized human resources organizations) joined forces.

BAMM is the premier forum and network for a diverse membership of corporate global mobility professionals and the suppliers who provide services to support mobile employees. BAMM has over 1,000 members and continues to grow, broadening our reach throughout the region.

BAMM is focused on providing our member community:

  • Education - BAMM is focused on bringing the best content and learning opportunities to our membership.  We look for the latest trends and industry happenings to upskill our membership and keep them on the leading edge of mobility.

  • Networking - BAMM is focused on creating new connections within our member community.  We believe we can do more by working together.  We invest in our corporate-focused roundtable designed to answer member questions and help connect corporate members with service providers who can help them accomplish their goals.

  • Service - BAMM is focused on building a better world through mobility.  Whether locally through our charitable endeavors in the Bay Area, globally though our work which build opportunities for our organizations and their people, or by creating new connections & friendships amongst our membership; we look to make our world a better place bolster our community.

How to get involved with BAMM

  • Quarterly Events - BAMM hosts quarterly meetings which offer a variety of programs including educational and networking events.  
  • Annual Conference - BAMM’s annual conference which usually happens in Feb-April timeframe is one of the largest in the mobility industry.  Join us for a full day to build your knowledge and expand your network at one of the premier events in the mobility industry.

  • NextGen - BAMM's NextGen group provides education and networking focused on the next generation of mobility professionals. 

  • Volunteer - BAMM runs on volunteers and there are many ways to get involved including volunteering for our board, our events, or our charities.


BAMM, as a non-profit 501c is governed by specific Bylaws which are available for member review.

Click Here for a full copy of the BAMM's established bylaws.

Non-solicitation Policy

While we’re serious about making connections, we’re also serious about making BAMM a welcoming and inviting place for all.  That’s why we have a non-solicitation policy which is strictly enforced.  

All members and guests are prohibited from soliciting business in any fashion at BAMM meetings; this policy will be orally announced and enforced at each meeting. Any member may be asked to resign if she or he violates this policy. To protect our corporate members from solicitation efforts, it is the organization's policy to only list contact information for Service Members. Guests involved in the solicitation of business will be denied membership and participation in future BAMM functions.

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