The real work of BAMM is in the Committees. BAMM depends on its dedicated volunteers to propel and fulfill its mission throughout the year. Your skills, knowledge, resources and dedication are of real value to both propelling our mission and making sure that you, as our members, can get involved in the most personally valuable way.

BAMM Annual Mobility Conference Committee

Each year BAMM presents an annual mobility conference in February which requires a lot of coordination. We need two Co-Chairs and the following committee members: Facilities, Registration, Speakers, and Volunteers. Stretch yourself by contributing to the process of organizing our largest event of the year!

Communications Committee

Strategize and execute marketing and the promotion of BAMM programs and events; edit and maintain the website; public relations, marketing flyer and generally communicate the chapter’s mission, vision and strategic initiatives to the membership and general public/future members.

Social Media Committee

Engage our members with social media posts on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Membership Committee

Recruit new members, observe trends, and assist in planning and implementing several events. Goals and tasks for volunteers are tailored to their time commitment and can include registering members on event days, or assisting members with connecting with others.

Programs / Content Committee

The committee works with BAMM Board to develop, schedule and deliver programs and events that entice new members, retain existing members and meet BAMM member’s diverse needs. Volunteers bring ideas to the table, work on getting venues that are either free or low-cost, build connections with possible presenters; assist in executing the programs or events.

Philanthropy Committee

Find new and exciting ways for BAMM to come together in our communities and give back to those less fortunate.  Work with local organizations and charities to set up onsite “give back” days and organize donation drives at BAMM events.

Sponsorship Committee

Reach out to our membership to find sponsors to fund events such as the annual conference, networking luncheons, happy hours and more.

BAMM Scholarship

BAMM is offering a scholarship program for Bay Area high school seniors that were relocated between 9th and 12th grade. The scholarship application period is from October 1 through February 24. Mark your calendar – Registration information will be here when it reopens. 

Join BAMM’s Mentorship Program

BAMM supports our members. As a premier forum for mobility professionals, we invite you to invest in your personal career development while raising the collective knowledge of our peers, our organization, and our friends.

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