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Accommodations, Apartments and Corporate Housing: They’re All Getting ‘Personal’

27 Jun 2019 10:52 AM | Anonymous

One vital factor that can lead to the success of an employee working on a global assignment is the personal feeling of his or her temporary housing accommodations; after all it’s their home away from home. Whether on a short or long-term assignment, traveling solo or with family, today’s global assignees expect a sanctuary where they can unwind, relax and breathe easy. This is the reason why every hospitality and housing accommodation unit designed for tourists, visitors, business travelers and long-term expatriates is now introducing a bit of the personal into their design. Luxurious amenities, high-tech features, and an upgraded look will bring a sense of privilege as a reward for work well done while away from the comforts of home. A touch of ownership through personalized elements and amenities helps a high-value, high-contributing employee reconnect and recharge. 

Today’s business travelers, project workers and assignees are not just ‘company people’ doing a job for their employer, they see themselves as informed and engaged global professionals, who bring their high-expectation consumer habits with them on the road. Some hotels offering short-term stays for expatriate executives and project specialists are tailoring their features to make the accommodations feel like private homes. The interior designs can reflect the tenant’s cultural leanings like Oriental rugs, minimalist Japanese windows, or the bright colors of a Latin American visual. The functionality of the room or suite can also be adapted to the tenant’s lifestyle and habits; a mini-gym can be built for the sports buff while a space can be converted into a small library for the studious. These small efforts make the assignee feel that she is a welcome resident, and not just a nameless visitor to her destination, no matter how long the stay.

The more innovative corporate housing companies have gone even further to make the assignee feel truly welcome and integrated into his surroundings. At California Corporate Housing we start with the amenities. Every apartment has its own Amazon Echo which plays music, news reports, and stock tips at the tenant’s command. Those focused on healthy well-being and natural care are in for a naturopathic treat with firstclass aromatherapeutic skin care products stocked in the bathroom. Commitment to understanding the customer and creating a memorable experience means flexibility in design and the use of the property. Picture using furniture, wall paint, and other accessories to create a ‘courtside at Wimbledon apartment for the assignee who is a devoted fan of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament. With assignees wanting to be both connected to what and who they love and looking to enjoy life and be productive in their new community, more personalized accommodations will become increasingly popular. The war for talent impacts every aspect of the employee experience so it wouldn’t be surprising if assignees and other key contributors start asking their employers for service partners who can turn a standard, comfortable unit into a living space that reflects their best selves.

Article submitted by Ray Madronio, California Corporate Housing

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